Headquartered in Washington DC, 1st CPA is a global association of independent Certified Accountants such as CPA and CA firms and consulting professionals who collaborate to provide each other with international resources and the prestige of a global presence.

Membership in 1st CPA provides accounting firms and sole practitioners with resources to support their clients and additional credibility needed to win engagements.

Trusted Membership

Members are admitted after an in-depth vetting process. This helps to ensure that members are stable organizations that hold appropriate credentials. This process provides a sense of comfort among members knowing that they can refer to and receive guidance from qualified professionals.

Ethics and Independence are core values of 1st CPA.  We rely on guidance from organizations such as the AICPA, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Audit, SEC, IRS, IFAC, and other international oversight boards.

"My definition of success? The more you're actively and practically engaged, the more successful you will be." - Sir Richard Branson


Why 1st CPA

We bring together CPA and CA firms that are tapped into the global ecosystem.  Our members are not only looking to serve their members but want to share their expertise with fellow members.  1st CPA prides itself on a culture of collaboration. Combining knowledge, skills, and expertise allows everyone to benefit, growing their firms and their clients' organizations. 


Global Resources

1st CPA's independent member firms provide full-service accounting and consulting services worldwide.  Additionally, subject matter experts bring deep knowledge and experience to complex international tax issues. Membership in 1st CPA gives you the reach and resources you need to serve your client base in your local jurisdiction or to support their cross-border transactions.

Global Member Benefits

Member Benefits

From networking opportunities to joint engagements, 1st CPA offers our members a variety of ways to connect and learn.

An online community designed to facilitate exchange between members.

Virtual education and in-person meetings and conferences.

Use of 1st CPA logo for website, proposals and other marketing collateral.